Academic Insider Coaching – A Different Way to Achieve Academic Success

Academic Insider Coaching offers coaching that is dedicated to your child’s academic success and personal all-round development, and has already proven successful over 3 generations of our founder’s family. Based on the unique work and experience of our founder Dr. Lee James, we offer you an alternative approach to helping your child gain acceptance to a leading academic institution that will give them a competitive advantage in their career and in life.  In a world where a child can perform their best and still not achieve their goals, Academic Insider Coaching can help to have them attain competitive advantage.

The Family Secret to Success

Dr. James Lee, a Cum Laude graduate of Yale University, and his wife Dr. Tess Mauricio of Stanford University School of Medicine, know what it takes to target and gain entry to a school of choice. They used what they learned from their own experiences to coach their extended family to successfully achieve their educational and life goals, and now Dr. Lee will help you to do the same for your child. You can now have coaching, aimed at your child being accepted into a top-tier school, from coaches that have already achieved it. The secret to Dr. Lee’s success in coaching students to achieve educational objectives is a 3-pillared approach of:

Parents – Relationship – Motivation

The underlying principle of our coaching services is to motivate students by making learning and studying fun. We do this by engaging with the student’s passions. Achieving academic success doesn’t need to be painful, boring, or disheartening. When a student is passionate about a subject they become motivated and inspired, and they will work and study with excitement.  To instill this level of motivation we actively involve parents in the coaching process and replicate the relationship Dr. Lee had with his family while coaching them. As a parent your participation, and your relationship with your child, is a vital catalyst to the success of the coaching.

What Makes Academic Insider Coaching Different?

Many parents try, with best intentions, to help their children reach college application grades by pushing them into after school activities. For the vast majority this doesn’t work, 75% of applicants who meet all the acceptance criteria still do not get into an Ivy League school. Many other academic coaches focus only on advising students on ways to improve standardized test scores. Students become robots and do only what is needed to pass. This isn’t enough to make them stand out from other top scorers and be accepted by the top-tier of educational establishments. Academic Insider Coaching is different. We start by setting long-term goals around which we base all coaching and actions. Each month we work with you and your child on smaller objectives that move us towards achieving the long-term goals in a way that can be measured. The focus is always on the learning and development that best fits your child’s particular skill sets and passions. With ongoing encouragement from the parent and the coach, the process becomes an enjoyable and fun experience.  The Academic Insider Coaching becomes a solution-oriented process that can provide targeted learning and guidance to parents and their children that motivates, encourages, and inspires. It also provides the path children should take to become dynamic individuals that are wanted by the very best schools. You can learn more about how we work with you and your child to achieve your goals by clicking here.